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night club for fun  topic
Finale night  topic
Who wins American Idol?  topic
5/18/10  topic
Well this pretty much sucks...  topic
Yuck  topic
What is American Idol doing to America's kids?  topic
The one to beat  topic
Ellen DeGeneres as new judge  topic
Oh No America You die'nt...........  topic
Top 24: First Impressions  topic
down to eight!, gonna be six!  topic
Aiken Disses Lambert in His Blog  topic
Forget Clay...  topic
Final Show  topic
Finale schedule?  topic
Final Two  topic
Yippity Skippity Do!! (FINALE SPOILER ALERT)  topic
5/6  topic
Damn it.  topic
4/28  topic
4/22 - Whose going home?  topic
Top 4  topic
any one else  topic
Taylor Hicks  topic

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